Core value

Continuing Innovation

  • Continuing products innovation and new technology development

Excellent Quality

  • Uninterrupted quality improvement and promotion

Superior Service

  • Delivery flexibility, instant reaction & in-time technical support

Strong Customer/Market Relationships

  • To customize and develop high CP products


LED Lighting


AC/DC Power

20V~900V MOSFET,650V GaN SIC Diode(2021)

Display & Home Appliance

400V~1200V IGBT,20V~800V MOSFET,650V GaN SIC Diode(2021)

Industrial & Automation

600/1000/1200V IGBT,20V~900V MOSFET,650V GaN SIC Diode(2021)

Vehicle & Auto

650V, 1200V GaN IGBT wafer (2021)20V~600V MOSFET wafer

Renewable Energy

600V, 1200V IGBT,650V MOSFET,650V GaN SIC Diode(2021)

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