GaN is a compound semiconductor material of group III nitrogen (N) and group V gallium (Ga). Due to the properties of direct energy gap, its p-n diode has been widely used as solid-state light source since 1990s. Plus, its excellent electrical properties of wide energy bandgap, high carrier density, mobility, and peak velocity further make its electronic devices one of the main candidates for next-generation switching and rf power applications.

Relative to maturity and performance limit in Si-based power devices, GaN power devices present attractive characteristics of high breakdown electric field, low on-resistance, high conversion efficiency, high operating frequency, high power density, and high temperature stability. Along with the development of large-area GaN epitaxial growth on Si substrates, both cost and performance in end products become more competitive than traditional Si-based ones. Current applications primarily include power supplies, motors, solar energy, power delivery, wireless charging, Lidar, audio... etc. under 600V and 5kW.


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